Pechanga to Pay 100{76326115ec5f5269a7496686450bef510a535a158f7e03f28de9580924cc320f} of Health Insurance for Team Members Through April During Temporary COVID-19 Closure

Last Friday, Pechanga Leaders announced that Pechanga Resort Casino will very likely be forced to extend its temporary closure beyond the end of March due to the extraordinary efforts by the private sector and governments at all levels to combat and slow the spread of COVID-19. Tribal leaders informed Team Members of the painful decision to institute a temporary COVID-19 layoff effective April 1 if operations are not reopened by the end of March.

Last night tribal leaders announced they will be paying 100{76326115ec5f5269a7496686450bef510a535a158f7e03f28de9580924cc320f} of Team Member health insurance (medical, dental, vision) through the end of April.

“We have all had to adapt to this growing COVID-19 pandemic very quickly and have been working around-the-clock to manage challenges created by these extraordinary circumstances,” said Jared Munoa, President of the Pechanga Development Corporation. “We are thankful that we can pay 100{76326115ec5f5269a7496686450bef510a535a158f7e03f28de9580924cc320f} of health insurance costs for our team so that they have the exact same coverage, including dependents if applicable, they had before the temporary COVID-19 closure. We look forward to bringing the team back together again as soon as this crisis is over and it is safe.”

All Team Members also receive base pay and benefits through March 31, even though the casino/resort closed March 16.