Pechanga Solar Panel Project to Collect Sunshine to Offset Power Use

Pechanga Western Electric is installing 3,670 solar panels to cover the roof of the resort’s East Parking Garage. When the solar panels become operational, expected for October, they are anticipated to produce 2,760,000 kilowatt hours or enough to power 225 homes or offset 422 passenger vehicles per year.

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This power will offset imported power Pechanga takes in from the grid, helping it to further increase self-sufficiency, as well as reduce its carbon footprint. The panels will cover the entire parking facility’s roof and provide welcome shade for guests who prefer to park on the top floor.

Pechanga adds the solar project to other ecologically responsible initiatives including food waste recycling, turnover of recyclable materials, unused toilet paper donations, the use of energy-reduction lighting and low flow water fixtures in all hotel rooms and throughout the resort/casino.