Linda Kittle 2

Linda Kittle Won the 1st of 2 Mini Coopers

Temecula, Calif. (March 4, 2014) Two lucky winners in one week drove home in sporty Mini Coopers from Pechanga Resort & Casino in Temecula. Linda Kittle of San Fernando and Tung Tran of Murrieta, Calif. both won in two separate drawings as part of the Lunar New Year celebration at the resort/casino. Out of thousands of entries in the drawing drum, Linda Kittle emerged the winner of the February 21 drawing and Tung Tran came forward more automotive endowed at the February 28 event.  

Tung Tran-jumping on Stage

Tung Tran Won the Final Mini Cooper at Pechanga

For Linda Kittle, winning a car is now something that has happened twice in her life. Each time, she says she won because of something special and unique she felt. At Pechanga Resort & Casino, the finalists were called on stage and each was asked to select an envelope that would reveal what they would win. Linda comes from a family of 12 brothers and sisters so she chose the fifth envelope, since she is the fifth child. As luck, or fate, would have it, the Number 5 envelope contained the message “Car Winner.” She drove off from Pechanga back to San Fernando along Interstate 210 in her shiny red 2014 Mini Cooper. Her previous car win happened 30 years ago in the 1980s in the United Kingdom. She and her husband lived in the island country while he was stationed there. The first time the couple went to play bingo at the military base, she discovered they were also giving away a new Mitsubishi. Beginner’s luck was in her favor that night. She scored the Bingo and the new car. The Mini Cooper, however, is a car she says she will keep for a long time, and the steering wheel is on the correct side for the United States, too.

Pechanga Resort & Casino makes winners out of players every day. Anyone can see the latest jackpots at You could be next.