With the hills providing a backdrop, a wedding at Journey’s End is always one to remember.

TEMECULA, Calif. (February 22, 2019) – It’s been on your wish list for this side of forever. You want that wedding nobody else has. But how can you go where few brides and grooms have gone before? How can you avoid the cliché and engage the novel as you and your family and friends celebrate the memorable?

Ericka Luna, the catering director at Pechanga Resort Casino, knows the wedding trends you want to say “I do” to – and she knows the ones that should be left before the altar.

Luna, who oversees wedding planning for the West Coast’s largest resort casino, has a front-row, aisle seat for what works with weddings – and what’s overworked with weddings. While Luna acknowledges there are more than a few trends that have been walked down too many aisles recently, she has ready substitutes you can confidently walk down any aisle.

Best of all, they are evergreen for every wedding, from the buttoned-down to the bottoms-up.

Speaking of “green,” that’s a good place to start with Luna’s tips: flowers.

“Incorporating unique, season-specific flowers within your roses or in lieu of them is trending beyond words,” she said. “The key is you want to be practical with the season. You don’t always need roses.”

Guess what else Luna said you don’t need? How about that big, multi-tiered, decorated object with the plastic bride and groom that is always the centerpiece of every wedding? Well, you can keep the plastic bride and groom, but they’ll have a different home.

“When it comes to cakes, non-traditional is the new traditional,” she said. “We’re seeing cupcake tiers, candy bars, mini-pies, even latte stations.”

When it comes to hors d’ oeuvres, Luna said the ornate is out and the gourmet is a goner. Instead, forsake your inner Food Channel and embrace bite-sized comfort.

As in comfort foods.

“Ditch the bacon-wrapped scallops! What we’re seeing now are comfort-food bites. For example, elements like a mac & cheese bar, sliders, pizza bites, a taco bar or mini pigs-in-a-blanket,” she said.

While you’re ditching the bacon-wrapped scallops and its fancy cousins, such as crab-stuffed mushrooms, feel free to scrap one of the hottest – and therefore, most overdone – trends in contemporary weddings.

You’ve probably seen it at a recent wedding: the Mason jar decoration. Luna said it has its place, but that place has ventured from the novel to the not-again.

“There’s no denying that this rustic route is adorable, but they’re all too common,” she said, also referring to the Mason jar’s recent running mate – burlap. “Instead, try natural décor you can find outside.”

These tips not only help make memories that stand out, but display your inner creativity. And when it comes to enjoying a wedding on another level, Pechanga Resort Casino has all of the elements to make your day a day to remember.

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