New Building FAQs

1. What is being built and what new amenities are going to be included?

A: Pechanga will add a new hotel wing with an additional 568 rooms and suites. Guests will be able to enjoy a new 2-story luxury spa, 70,000 sq. ft. of additional ballroom and meeting space , an outdoor activity area and resort-style pool complex, as well as 2 new food and beverage outlets.

2. Why is Pechanga doing this?

A: The resort currently has an extremely high demand for more hotel rooms to satisfy the needs of guests coming to the Temecula Valley. As a Four Diamond property, Pechanga continually reinvests into the company to ensure guests receive the best resort experience they possibly can.

3. When will construction start? When will the project be finished?

A: Pechanga’s $285 million resort expansion broke ground in December 2015. First to be completed will be the new 5-level parking structure. This is slated for completion at the end of 2016. The entire project, including hotel tower, 2-story spa, new restaurants, convention space and pool complex, is expected to be complete by the end of 2017.

4. When will Pechanga start hiring? When can I apply?

A:  It’s always a good idea to check the Pechanga Careers area of our website – – for new positions posted.

5. How many jobs will this project create?

A: Pechanga anticipates 560 permanent new positions to staff the new areas. The project will also utilize 2,900 construction personnel.

6. What will be the economic impact to the community?

A: Pechanga anticipates the new hotel, spa, pool complex and other new areas will result in a $550 million economic impact to the entire region. This encompasses growth in tourism and the benefits other area businesses are expected to see as a result of the additions at Pechanga.

7. What will the impact of construction be?

A: It’s best to check back to for construction-related updates.

8. Will parts of the casino be shut down during construction?

A: Effects to the existing property will be kept to a bare minimum. Please check back to for specific construction-related updates.

9. Will the pool be open to the public? Will admission be free?

A: Pool admission will be free to hotel guests. More information about whether the pool will be open to the public will come out in the future.

10. Will the spa be open to the public?

A: The spa is being designed as a resort-style spa with sought-after treatments. More information about whether the spa will be open to the public will come out in the future.

11. What kind of restaurants will the new ones included with the expansion be?

A: One restaurant is slated to be a poolside bar and grill. Concepts are always subject to change. The concept for the second restaurant is still under review.

12. Is Pechanga making changes to the existing casino? Expanding the casino?

A: The $285 million resort expansion does not include changes or expansion to the existing casino.

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