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$295K Winner Natosha Heard Smiles for the Camera

TEMECULA, Calif. – (March 4, 2014) – Single mother of a four-year-old girl, Natosha Heard, had been having some bad luck the last few months. The transmission on her unreliable car had died and she was driving a rental car. Payments for the rental car and other bills had begun to pile up. On Sunday, March 2, she managed to get a day off from tending to patients and health care providers as a health care insurance representative. She opted to spend some time playing a $0.01 “Let’s Make a Deal” slot machine at Pechanga Resort & Casino. It was getting late in the afternoon and before she was about to drive home to Anaheim, she took the slot machine reels for one more spin. In less than one second, lights began flashing, bells began ringing, and Natosha began screaming. She hit the winning combination to score the progressive jackpot worth $295,423.30.

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$295K Pechanga Winner Poses Next to Winning Machine

Overcome with emotion laced with joyous screams, people gathered around her, and wished her congratulations. “It is still a dream,” she said when asked how she felt about her win. “I just screamed,” as many nearby guests could also verify. “I’ve never won anything and this is just such a blessing. I will definitely use some of the money to make my daughter’s life a little more comfortable, then invest it.” In addition to the win itself, Natosha was thrilled to take photos with the big check next to the slot machine and pulled out every pose she could think of – the big smile, one leg raised, looking excitedly at the slot machine and more. “When I told my friends and family about it, they said one of two things. ‘You’re lying’ or ‘You totally deserve this.”

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